Friday, 11 April 2014

Weekly Warriors

The Weekly Warriors was an idea that came up a little while ago while I was sketching away in my notepad. The concept is that every week, on this blog, I will be posting up a drawing of an iconic kind  warrior or fighter from any spectrum in time. These designs will hopefully be in multiple kinds of media, but personal preferences will probably sway my hand and pencil will be around 80% of these

Original Rough
So, for the first Weekly Warrior post I wanted to post the design that sparked the idea in the vast and empty space that exists betwixt my ears.

On the right is the original pencil work drawing, traditional is my love,  and below is the digital line work in progress. 

I just wanted to add these so all of you wonderful people who spare a fraction of your time to give this little space a passing glance can get the gist of what is to come. The lifework below will be a complete and fully coloured piece, at least thats the plan for now . . . . 

So, enjoy my friends, more soon 

Incomplete Line Work (but nearly there)

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